A full CV is available here.

Selected recent publications

Sigurdardottir, Margret Sigrun, Magnus Thor Torfason & Anna Helga Jonsdottir. 2022. “Social tie formation of COVID-19 students: evidence from a two-cohort longitudinal study.” Higher Education.

Orelj, Ana and Magnus Thor Torfason. 2022. “They didn’t ask: Online innovation communities as a latent dynamic capability.“ Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 180, 121738.

Einarsdottir, Thorgerdur, Gudbjorg Linda Rafnsdottir, Margret Sigrun Sigurdardottir & Magnus Thor Torfason. 2020. “Networks, Homogeneity and Gender in Icelandic Business Elites.” Scandinavian Journal of Management. 36(1), 101091. (equal contribution of authors)

Veselaj, Sabit &Magnus Thor Torfason. 2019. “When to Call the Customer? Timing of Customer Involvement in the Development of New Products and Services.” International Journal of Innovation Management. 23(1): 1-31.